Top 20 Semifinalists Announcement of Social Entrepreneurship Competition

ASEAN Young Socialpreneurs Program 2015

Greetings all participants!

After the screening round selection for the submitted Social Entrepreneurship Plan, conducted by our judges:

1. Bahruddin, S.Sos, M. Sc (Department of Social Welfare and Development, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences)

2. Yulia Arisnani Widyaningsih, M. B. A., Ph. D (Faculty of Economics and Business)

We have thoroughly discussed and considered the excellent teams who have passed the selection and have a chance to proceed to the next rounds.

Herewith, we are glad to announce the top 20 seminfinalists of the Social Entrepreneurship Competition of ASEAN Young Socialpreneurs Program 2015:

1. UM Challenger Malaysia

2. Garbage Clinical Insurance Indonesia

3. Live N Share Thailand

4. FP UNUD Indonesia

5. Indonesia

6. Happy_UGM Indonesia

7. Kars Indonesia

8. Pemuda UNPAD Indonesia

9. Team TCT Singapore

10. Organic Malaysia

11. LAKU Indonesia

12. Bank Liran Indonesia

13. Punggawa Brawijaya Indonesia

14. Greenovation Indonesia

15. OSIRIS Indonesia

16. ENT Vietnam

17. Philos Indonesia

18. CUSA Cambodia

19. AKABA Philippines

20. Toyomartos Team Indonesia

*note: the list of the selected teams above is not sorted by the rank

Congratulations for all teams who have been selected to attend the Semi Final round and Final round in Yogyakarta. Please check out your email and finish all necessary details and payment before August 22th 2015. Teams who have not been selected, we are pleased to announce that you still have a chance to proceed to the next round, after the deadline of confirmation for top 20 semifinalists has come. Please check your email regularly, we will let you know the final list.
This decision is final and cannot be appealed.