Day 2 : Workshop on Social Enterpreneurship by AYSPP 2015

Hi, Sociopreneurs!

We are now welcoming you all to the second day of AYSPP 2015!

The morning started with a short press-conference, attended by all the speakers for the workshops: Ms. Sabrina Moestopo, Mr. Ahmad Yuniarto, and Mr. Jonathan Chang. Mr. Arne Hartman as the CEO of Amalan Foundation also attending the event, along with Mr. Erwan Agus Purwanto as the Dean of Faculty of Political Science of Universitas Gadjah Mada. Ms. Sabrina was very glad on welcoming all the media who attended the press conference, “It’s very important for the media to spread the informations about Socialpreneurship, because once it becomes a mainstream thing, then more and more people would know and more people will be starting their own socialpreneur projects soon!” said her enthusiastly.


All the notable Speakers&Judges on the Press Conference (Ruang Bulaksumur, University Club UGM)

The Opening Ceremony started just right after the Press Conference, marked with the opening remarks delivered by the Rector of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Prof. Dwikorita Karnawati, M.Sc, Ph.D. She stated the importance of young people, especially university students, as the agent of change through becoming a socialpreneur to overcome social problems in their community.


Singing the “ASEAN Way” together in the Opening Ceremony

Workshop on Social Enterpreneurship


Mr. Jonathan Chang presenting in front of all the participants

The Workshop on Socialpreneurship then started. The workshop opened by a Keynote Speech from Ms. Veronica Colondam as the CEO&Founder of Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa. She spoke about  the importance of implementing a good social enterpreneurs plan. It then, followed by the first session of workshop, delivered by Mr. Jonathan Chang, “Building Your Social Business Model”. He spoke about the basic things you will need in order to start your own socialpreneur projects. He emphasized that not every good intentions could become a social business, and even that not everyone could be a sociopreneur. The second speaker, Ms. Sabrina Moestopo, was talking about “How Can We Catalyze Good Intentions Into Meaningful Actions”. It is basically encourage the young people to address their concerns by doing a real action. Good intentions will be more powerful with actions. Lastly, Mr. Ahmad Yuniarto was speaking in the third session, delivering his speech about “How to Market Your Ideas?”. This is an important thing to be understood by everyone who want to start doing a social business, because no matter how good or brilliant the ideas are, it still needs a marketing strategy that can sell.


From left to right : Mr. Ahmad Yuniarto, Mrs. Atin Prabandari (Head of GEO Fisipol UGM), Ms. Sabrina Moestopo, and Mr. Jonathan Chang

Practice on Building Social Business

Well, everyone agree that practice makes perfect, right? After getting all the valuable knowledge from the Socialpreneurship expertise before, all the participants are expected to do a practice on building a social business. In a team consist of up to 6 people, they must present their “mini social business plan” in front of the speakers.  It tests their ability to work on a team and to think quickly and creatively in a 2 hours group discussion. It is very interesting to see all the new ideas that came up in just that limited time given. Above all, the most important part is that all the participants’ ideas gets to be evaluated by the expertise, as they were giving new insights for their mini social business plan. You wouldn’t get to discuss your ideas everyday with all these honorable speakers, right? So, it is a very good chance for anyone who might want to start their social business soon.

The practice sessions ended at 4 in the afternoon. We are all hoping that everybody enjoyed the workshop, the practice session, and maybe would like to implement their social business ideas soon?

At last, for the competition participants, we will be still seeing you presenting tomorrow at the Semifinal Round! Good Luck and Break a Leg, everyone!



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