Day 3 : Lecture on Role of Sociopreneurship &Semi Finalists Round!

Hi, Sociopreneurs!

It’s already the third day of AYSPP 2015, which means….SEMI FINALIST ROUND IS HERE!

Everybody must be getting nervous as on this day, the 20 selected teams will be presenting their social business plan in front of all the judges. But before that, don’t forget that we’re also having an insightful lecture in this morning, presented by Mr. J.S. George Lantu as the Director for ASEAN Functional Cooperation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia. Mr. George will be presenting about “The Role of Sociopreneur in Overcoming the Problem of Unemployment in ASEAN”. As we are all know, ASEAN Economic Community 2015 as the first step of ASEAN Community 2020 is going to be implemented very soon at the end of this year.


Mr. J.S. George Lantu giving the lecture

Young people of ASEAN, then, as an agent of change, are expected to help the government in overcoming the challenges and problems that might arises in facing the ASEAN Economic Community 2015, such as unemployment problem. By creating a social business, it is to be hoped that they could open up new jobs for the people and also, overcome social problems in their community.


The Participants on the Lecture

After the insightful lecture, the participants were ushered to move next to the presentation venue, which is Multimedia Room in Gedung Rektorat Universitas Gadjah Mada. There, the 20 teams were presenting their social business plan in front of all the Judges, Drs. Hendrie Adji Kusworo, M.Sc., Mr. Jonathan Chang, Mrs. Rika Fatimah P.L., ST., M.Sc., Ph.D., and Mr. Arne Hartmann.


After all the debate and discussion, we are very happy to announce three teams that will be presenting their social business plan on the GRAND FINAL ROUND, tomorrow, September 19th, they are : IWAK.ME, GREENOVATION, AKABA, and OSIRIS.


These are the overview of the TOP FOUR GRAND FINALISTS Projects..


Iwak.Me build a platform that connects investors and family who manage ponds; filled with fish seeds. It basically connects people who have the resources (funds) but not the time or skills, and the people who have the time and skills but no resources. The profits of the fish farming will then be distributed to the families, investor, and the management team.


Greenovation is an environment-based sociopreneur team which makes a creative use of waste products by using painting technique in an effort to reduce waste and to create more employment.


AKABA is a Phillipine-based Sociopreneur which sells bags that are exclusively designed and made from the finest quality of Phillipines  leather. Their social business targetting underprivileged families in the Phillipines.



OSIRIS is a social business team coming from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They wanted to empower the community of people with disability in Desa Sidomulyo, Yogyakarta by made a new innovation on Dragon Fruit ice cream.


Good luck on your presentations tomorrow, and thank you for everyone who has already done their best on SEMI FINAL ROUND today. We will see you again tomorrow for the GRAND FINAL and Excursions!

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