Day 4 : GRAND FINAL Round & Excursion Day

Hi, Sociopreneur!

Can you believe that it’s already the 4th day of our programs? How time flies so fast, right?

Today will be a very exciting day as we are having our GRAND FINAL Round, where there will be 4 grand finalists presenting their business plan more thoroughly in front of all the judges and participants.

Starts at 7.30 in Multimedia Room, UGM Main Building, the Grand Final round was opened by the AKABA Presentation. This team, from the Phillipines,  also showcase their products which is school bags.


AKABA from the Phillipines

The second team to present is GREENOVATION from ITB Bandung, Indonesia. This team, also, showcase their already-made products which are a newly painted canvas bags, crackers can, etc. It is to be said that all the materials used are waste products. Painting the waste products with a new, unique design, giving them an added value which then, could be sell to the market.



IWAK.ME is the third team presenting. They explain how their project  work, starting from their website (, to how then, the money could go to the families that are farming the catfishes in Nganjuk, East Java and who will be helping them in making sure that the families will harvest the catfishes well in just two months.

Last but not least, OSIRIS from Indonesia is presenting their project on Dragonfruit Ice Cream. What makes it interesting is that, they empower the community of disabled people to make the ice cream. So, it’s about empowering disabled and poor community. They also claimed that the Dragonfruit ice cream is a fresh and healthy ice cream as they do not put any added artificial color and the fruit itself, Dragonfruit, is rich with antioxidant.

After the Grand Final round ended, we are proceeding to the next destination, which is Warung Ingkung Kuali in Bantul, Yogyakarta, for having lunch and also meet the owner of one of the Social Enterprise in Yogya, Hoshizora Foundation. The hoshiZora Foundation is an NGO committed to creating an equal opportunity for all Indonesian children to attain a proper education.

The 2nd destination for Excursion is Bank Sampah Gemah Ripah Bantul. Mr. Bambang Suweda as the CEO and Founder of the Bank greeted us warmly in the venue of Bank Sampah. The basic concept of Bank Sampah itself is about collecting waste products, then recreate and make a new product out of it, then giving it an economic value to be sell to the market.


The participants at Bank Sampah


Bapak Bambang Suwerda and the Participants in Bank Sampah Gemah Ripah

The day ended with Dinner and dance performance of Ramayana Ballet in Prambanan Temple. The beautiful dance was enjoyed by all the participants, leaving them with beautiful memories of Yogyakarta’s rich culture.

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