Last Day of AYSPP 2015 : Visitation to Borobudur, Closing Ceremony, and Awarding Session.

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Today is the very last day of our program on ASEAN Young Socialpreneur. On this day, the committee organized a short visit to the biggest Buddhist Temple in the World. Yep. It is Candi Borobudur in Magelang, Jawa Tengah.Everybody was very excited as they are about to go on a fun vacation with the fellow-young-socialpreneurs from all over ASEAN.

The Borobudur site itself is located about 2-3 hours ride from the hotel where we stayed. Even though the weather is really hot, everybody are still very excited to enter the site. There, they were accompanied by a tourist guide who tell them the story of the Temple-making, and stories behind every relief that were pictured in the walls of the temple. In the temple-area, the commitees also organized a games for all the participants and their LOs.


All the participants in front of the magnificent Borobudur Temple.

After a short-but-fun trip in Borobudur, the participants are having lunch at Restoran Pringsewu which served traditional local dishes.

Coming back to the hotel? Well, not yet. After having their lunch, all the participants are expected to do a last check-up on their traditional performances for the Closing Ceremony. They, then, ushered by the committee to the ballroom of Hotel Santika Yogyakarta to do a sound-check, and stage blocking.

Closing Ceremony and Awarding Session

The closing ceremony and awarding sessions were held in the ballroom of Hotel Santika, Yogyakarta. The ceremony started at 19.00 PM, opened by a traditional dance performed by LokaArt. The ceremony and awarding session was attended by the Dean of Faculty of Political Sciences Universitas Gadjah Mada and the judges for the ASEAN Young Social Enterpreneurship Competition 2015.

The event was opened by a  speech from the Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Science Universitas Gadjah Mada and opening remarks that is delivered by The Project Officer for this program, Rezha Bayu Oktavian Arief.

The fun part has now begin!

All of the participants who are already rehearsing their performance are now ready to perform! There was a total of 6 performances from 5 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, and Cambodia. The cultural performances were very fun as each country showing off their traditional dances, musics, and songs.


Indonesian Team presenting their Cultural Performance.

Then, here is the most awaited and anticipated moment, announcement of the winner of Asean Young Socialpreneur Competition! Who are the winners?

*drum rolls*


Awarding Sessions, given by Mrs. Atin Prabandari as the Director of Global Engagement Office (GEO) FISIPOL UGM


CONGRATULATION FOR OSIRIS TEAM from Indonesia as the WINNER, AKABA TEAM from The Philippines as the 1st Runner Up, IWAK.ME TEAM from Indonesia as the 2nd Runner Up, and GREENOVATION TEAM as the 3rd Runner Up.

OSIRIS, then, will received the total grant of 2500 US$ from PT Pertamina Indonesia to implement their social business plan. And also, will be given business mentoring sessions for a year from Shell Indonesia. The 1st and 2nd runner up were also rewarded by a total grant of US$1000, whilst the 3rd runner up received a US$ 500 grant. All the rewards  were sponsored by PT Pertamina Indonesia.

Well, everybody must be curious on why the judges choose OSIRIS Team as the winner? We believe that every ideas that has been presented in the competition are unique and very distinctive from each other, but what has made them very special?

Disable opportunities as a part of inclusive opportunities to work. That’s what made the OSIRIS project stands out from the others. They empower a specific group of people, which is people with disabilities. That is proving and opening opportunities for inclusive wealth through inclusive opportunities to work,” said Mrs. Rika Fatimah P.L., S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D (Director DEQPI FEB-UGM).

Once again, congratulation for OSIRIS, and also everyone who already give their best on this competition. Wish everyone a good luck on their journey on being a great socialpreneur, and SEE YOU IN ASEAN YOUNG SOCIALPRENEUR PROGRAM 2016!


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