Hi, Sociopreneurs! Welcome to Yogyakarta!

Today, September 16th, is the very-first day of our most-awaited and anticipated event, ASEAN Young Socialpreneur Program 2015. Since noon, the organizing committee were very busy picking up the 20 selected teams that are invited to compete on the Semifinalist Round on the day after, September 18th. We are all very happy to welcome every participants that are coming to Yogyakarta today.

Upon their arrival, the participants must registered themselves on the registration desk in Wisma MM UGM. Here, the participants will stay for 4 nights and 5 days. We could see their happy-yet-nervous face as they got their keys andnew roommates from different teams. We are all hoping that every participants could get along together, eventhough they will be also competing on their socialpreneurs plan.DSC_2534

Starts at 6.00 pm, the participants (and the committees too!) get to enjoy the delicious traditional Javanese cuisines at Bale Raos Resto in the Keraton (Palace) area. There was opening ceremony with some remarks delivered by the Project Officer of AYSPP 2015, Rezha Bayu Oktavian Arief, Head of OIA UGM, Mr. I Made Andi Arsana, and Dean of FISIPOL UGM, Mr. Erwan Agus Purwanto. “I hope you are all enjoying Yogyakarta and Good luck on your competition!”, said Mr. Erwan, cheered all the participants.


After finishing their meal, Mr. Edwin and Miss Audita as the Competition Coordinators were holding a Technical Meeting for all the participants. They give a list of what to dos and donts, and also the main grading criterias for the competition. Miss Audita, then, directing the Pitching Sessions to determine the order of presentations for the Semifinalist round. So, the order for Semifinalist’ round presentations were already decided on this day, hoping that every teams could do their best on their presentations on the day after. The Pitching resulting on Punggawa Brawijaya Team as the first presenter on the Semifinalist Round. 


Well, it’s been a fun first day, right? We are so looking forward for the next enjoyful programs in AYSPP 2015!

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